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Command & Control Software Platform

MAGUS CC is an Integrated Command Control Software Management Platform for physical systems and third-party applications with an open architecture API server.

Data Logger

MAGUS DL is a system for collecting and recording data from sensors used in the following applications:

Air Quality Monitoring

In our ever-growing Cities and Towns,the evolutions of urban infrastructure aswell as outdoor pollution levels have hada negative impact on our citizens’ healthand wellbeing.

Geosensor Protector System

Magus Geosensor Protector System(Magus GeoPS) is a state-of-the-artPerimeter Intruder Detection System(PIDS), based on seismic technology,suitable for remote perimeter protectionand permanent monitoring procedures.

Fence Protector System

Magus Fence PROTECTOR System (MagusFPS) oers best-in-class performance tohandle the most challenging securityscenarios. This product provides completeperimeter protection; ideal for criticalinfrastructures, and it can operateindependently as a stand- alone solution, orcan be integrated into a complex PerimeterIntrusion Detection System (PIDS).